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EIX Limited provides specialist design and consultancy services for high technology electronics products. The work is managed primarily by Dr Eddie Insam, associates are contracted to provide more extensive expertise, or where the work-load requires it.

Main areas of expertise:

Appraisals of New Technology areas. Signal Processing DSP, FPGA, Embedded systems.

Innovative applications of telecommunications with special interest in speech, graphics and signal analysis and processing.

Independent Consulting services in Systems, Software and Hardware design

Software and hardware systems design and specifications


Principal Services

We can provide consultancy support in advanced areas of Electronics and Information Technology, ranging from specialist hardware to real-time control, signal processing, broadcasting and embedded systems.

Appraisal of new technologies: We can help you appraise new areas or new products, their implication in your area of work, and how to best make use of them.

Requirements analysis and specification: We can help you analyse your system requirements, and draw up a specification on which to base the development of your system.

Prototyping and Feasibility studies: There will usually be options when developing a system. We can investigate the alternatives and provide you with the information for you to make an informed decision.

System specifications: You will generally need a system specification if you are to seek tenders for system development or if you are proposing = in-house development. In either case, we can assist in drawing up a system = specification.

Project planning: If you have a complex procurement or development, you need to manage the project. We can assist with project planning and project management.


Summary of Experience

Eddie is a consultant with special skills in Telecommunications and Digital Signal Processing. His special interests are in the conception and evaluation of new ideas, innovative studies and in the application of new ideas and technologies in these areas.

He has been involved in both technical and regulatory issues and in spearheading developments in organisations for the introduction and use of new technologies.

Summary Work Experience:

1990 to Present: Director EIX ltd. Various independent projects and consultant to various DTI and EEC projects.

1986-1990 News International, Special Projects and Developments Group.

1984- 1986 BP Head Office, Senior Consultant.

1979-1984 Logica UK, Senior Telecommunications Consultant.

1976-1979 GEC Hirst Research Laboratories, Project Leader.


Skills Summary :

DSP audio and video signal processing and filtering techniques

FPGA Programmable Devices, VHDL and Verilog (Altera)

Windows Visual C++ for Windows XP 2K, NT & 9x, also Windows CE, 3.1 and DOS

MATLAB, Simulink and Spice simulation

Windows MFC, COM, OLE, Automation and OCX

Windows Device driver development

PC hardware interfacing, Ethernet, USB, IrDA

Embedded programming ARM9, ARM7, 8051

Assembler: ARM, 8x86

Wireless protocol design and appraisal, Bluetooth, UWB, Zigbee. IEEE 802.15.4.


Examples of Recent Product Related Designs


Phoenix Data Solutions _Geophysics

seisVu Design of a full suite of Signal Analysis programs for Geophysics Analysis, including built in scan and production process facilities. The software includes various digital processing tools such as filtering, convolution, FFT, migration and various other signal processing algorithms. more info


SmartFibres Ltd -_Design of Tunable Millimetric Laser

Design and prototyping of electronics and control system for a continuously tunable 1.5um laser. The design incorporated high precision very fast D/A converters, accurate temperature control, and DSP FPGA firmware. more info


SmartFibres Ltd -_Fibre Optics Signal processing

EU Euclid Progamme AHMOS Project. Design and prototyping of a FPGA based DSP processing system for measuring Bragg reflection on optical fibre for computing physical stresses on the fibre. The main aim of the Programme is to define, develop and demonstrate practical Structural Wing Monitoring systems able to reduce the cost of ownership of military aircraft or other military platforms by reducing inspection and maintenance costs. more info


Audio & Design - Broadcasting

Design of varios products for digital studio and broadcasting more info

Broadcast quality 24/96 digital AES studio microphone preamplifier. more info

Guardian Studio AES sync generator quality controller and switcher. more info

Rack mounted broadcast standard four channel DtoA 24/96 studio converter

Network Clock, SNTP wall controlled intelligent display clock for use in studios more info


Knowledge Dock - UEL Camp

Technology Strategy advisor for a numer of startup projects developing new electronics products. more info:

Biometrics Fingerprint recognition staff management using GSM radio

Specialist MP3 player

Bluetooth mini-keyboard

Efficient soil dispoage pumping system

Zigbee medical stimulator & sensor


NPA - Satellite imagery

Detailed imaging software viewer and spectral analyser for very high resolution multiband ESA satellite images. more info


Abacus Electrics- Audio Processing

Third Octave sound level analyser and database software. more info





TCP/IP - embedded systems

  A special purpose TCP/IP Ethernet embedded interface, which can be used, among other purposes, for testing security of Routers and networks. An article describing the product was published in Electronics World, May 2001. more info



Resume for Eddie Insam

After finishing his PhD at London University in 1976 (Fourier and Orthogonal Transforms in Galois Fields) he joined the GEC Research Laboratories in London as Group Leader in the Telecommunications Division. The work included studies on bandwidth compression, transmission formats and LSI device chip design. He played a leading role in the early stages of development of teletext and viewdata including prototype designs for the London Stock Exchange's TOPIC system.

In 1979 he joined Logica Ltd as a Senior Consultant where he was involved in various planning and system design studies. Major projects included a study for a large international organisation on the effectiveness of its European data communications network, a study for one of the largest London stockbrokers on strategic IT planning and a study for a large UK electronics conglomerate on new product development. Later on, he moved to the Television Division, where he was involved in digital graphics and teletext systems for broadcasting applications.

He was retained for a year by British Petroleum to study, plan and implement the introduction of electronic office technology at their headquarters in central London. During this time he was also involved in a number of short projects at their Exploration and Research Centre in Sunbury.

In 1982, as an independent consultant, he carried out studies and projects for various organisations and manufacturing firms. Among these were a study for a large office equipment manufacturer on international data communications, development work on a European wide database project for the EC, a DTI sponsored study on Open Systems Interconnection for two Health Authorities, and a study on Viewdata systems for a Local Authority..

He was retained as a consultant by News International's Special Development Group to examine and evaluate openings in new technology areas in publishing and broadcasting. This included development work for The Times Network for Schools, introduction of satellite broadcasting (Sky channel) the setting up of a direct copy input data network for news agencies, investigation of new applications and special uses for remote page printing by satellite, and various other developments involving use of spare bandwidth capacity in satellite broadcasting.

He was a consultant to the Department of Trade and Industry in their Concerned Technology Programme, where he acted as strategic advisor to a number of Local Authorities, voluntary organisations and private companies in the setting up of new IT related businesses and services. He has also been involved as a consultant in other DTI Awareness projects and in projects for the European Commissions DG-V and DG-XIII.

He was also involved in providing strategic advice to small companies and in the development of specific electronics and software products such as a CAD printed circuit board design software package, a graphics display projection system using high powered lasers for High Definition TV, an optical image processing analyser, and a trace recovery system for seismic analysis.


Other projects include advice to a large cartographic company on the development of a CD-ROM mapping database, development of software for a computer graphics presentation package, and strategic advice to a company developing point of sale video presentation equipment.


He was project manager of a UK based development project on High Definition Television under Eureka 95.


Qualifications and Affiliations:

BSc (London) PhD (London) Mathematics and Electronics


Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Member of the Royal Institution

Committee member in one of the IEE Professional Groups

He holds various patents and has had a number of articles published in technical journals. He was listed as a consultant under the DTI Support for Enterprise Scheme and registered with the Designer Selection Service of the Design Council.





TCP/IP Embedded Internet Applications (book) -

Aimed at planners and designers of Internet enabled embedded systems.

Newnes Embedded Technology Series

Butterworth-Heinemann July 2003


PC Interfacing via the Ethernet. Electronics World, May/June 2001

Ethernet Interfacing - Electronics World, October 2001

USB Interfacing - Electronics World, February/March 2002

Theory of Super-Regenerative Receivers - Electronics World, April/May 2002

Interfacing IrDA- Electronics World

802.11b Explained- Electronics World, January 2004

FPGAs Demystified - Electronics World May-June 2004

Audio A/D Converters, do they do what it says on the tin?- Electronics World

100Mbps Ethernet on small Embedded systems- Circuit Cellar Magazine November 2004

Adding Bluetooth to your project - To be published

Power over Ethernet Circuit Cellar Magazine October 2006

Graphical methods for Tranmission Line calculations To be published

Other Publications:

Electronics Design Casebook (1984): Stochastic A/D converter

Dr Dobbs Journal (1979) EPROM programming

Various IEE Field Presentations and talks (78-79) on Viewdata and Teletext

Der Spiegel, Aug 77. Contribution to article on Viewdata and Teletext

Int Broadcasting Convention IBC Apr 76. An integrated Teletext/Viewdata Terminal

AES Journal, Aug 74. Walsh Function in Waveform Synthesisers

AES, Audio Engineering Society, 47th Convention, Copenhagen. Walsh Function in Waveform Synthesisers

Electronics Letters, Aug 1974: Fast Modulo Number Hadamard Transforms

Electronics Letters, May 1974: Walsh Functions in Multiplexing Systems

Electronics, Dec 73. PRBS based D/A converter

Proceedings of the Physiological Society, Jul 1973. A device for computing amplitude histograms of electrical impulse signals.

Proceedings of the Physiological Society, Dec 1972. A device for computing time interval distributions of neuronal spike trains.


Eddie Insam Tel/fax: +44 (118) 9483636

email: edinsam@eix.co.uk